Jan 01

Cell phone spy program

If you think that no one could be watching what you do with your cell phone just take a look at this. That’s right, for just $49.95 anyone with access to your phone while you aren’t around can install cell phone spyware that will track most of your mobile activities! While a lot of people write off the possibility of being spied on as paranoia, some of us really do have reasons to be concerned. It’s not just high profile politicians and celebrities that are targeted by paparazzi and stalkers. With the large number of people out there playing cell phone detective it is easier than ever to spy on people with the use of programs that track not only what you say but also who you text or email and the websites that you visit with your cell phone. How can you be sure that you aren’t being watched right now? the truth is that you really can’t ever be 100% certain. Even resetting your mobile phone back to it’s factory state does not guarantee that this mobile spyware cannot be remotely reinstalled by someone who has your phone number.

Even buying a new phone is not foolproof. So what can we really do to protect our privacy? The sad truth is that the only way to be completely safe is to stop using cell phones to communicate sensitive data. This sounds rather inconvenient but it is safe. On the other hand if you want a solution that isn’t quite so difficult then consider this idea. Purchase a second phone strictly for making calls. A phone that isn’t capable of supporting mobile spyware is preferable. In fact the older the phone is the safer it will be since most cell phone spyware requires one of the popular mobile operating systems such as Blackberry, iOS, Android or Windows Mobile. You can use this second phone for private conversations by simply removing the SIM card from your smartphone and popping it into the secondary phone. When you want to go back to your smart phone just swap the SIM out again. It might be a bit of an inconvenience but if privacy is important to you then this just might be worth the trouble.

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