Feb 25

The Blackphone

It seems like you can’t go more than a couple of days without hearing about some newly discovered cell phone vulnerability. One of the more recent ones was an SSL security hole which allowed hackers to gain access to your communications through a wi-fi connection. Apple quickly patched this leak with the release of iOS 7.0.6 but it seems like as soon as one problem is discovered and fixed that another one pops up. Considering the fact that the large majority of iOS versions have been jailbroken makes one thing obvious. Given motivation someone will eventually find a backdoor into your phones security and the next thing you know it’s become full accessible to a remote user, often without requiring them to have physical access to your device.

Apple is not alone when it comes to being plagued by security issues. We could go though a list of exploits which have made tapping or bugging cell phones possible but the point is that it has happened, is happening now and will continue to occur until someone designs a device that is built to be more resistant to these kinds of security issues. It looks like that time has finally come. Check out the video below for the companies official intro.

There has been a serious lack of security for wireless users for a long time now. Other than RIM, the company which manufactures Blackberry smartphones, there didn’t seem to be anyone else out there who was overly concerned about protecting the privacy of its end users. Using their new PrivatOS, the Blackphone company has created the first smartphone capable of offering security and privacy features never before available to the public.

While currently in pre-order status the Blackphone will be available for just $629 which is not out of line with most high end smartphones assuming that they are purchased without a contract. Add to this the fact that you will be getting a phone which offers you the ability to browse the internet anonymously, disable non secure wi-fi automatically, allow calls to be made privately and a host of other privacy features and you will be getting a lot for your money. It is also worth noting that the Blackphone includes a remote wiping feature which allows you to securely delete the contents stored in the phones memory in the event of loss or theft.

By default the Blackphone comes with very few applications installed and the one that are all have privacy enabled. Calls, texts and chats are private. Security updates are frequent and independent of carrier authorization.

While the Blackphone sounds like a perfect solution for protecting your privacy only time will tell whether or not it can be hacked. One thing is for sure though. Since this is a new product there won’t be a lot of motivation for the bad guys to compromise the phones security. Of course if government officials and high profile figures adopt this new technology we may see things change rapidly.

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